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Bass River (West Dennis) Lighthouse - USLHS Member and 2016 &2017 Lighthouse Vacation Auction Donor
Type: Bed & Breakfast
Contact: One Lighthouse Inn Road - Box 128, West Dennis, MA 02670; Phone (508) 398-5658
Facility: The Lighthouse Inn reactivated its lens in 1989 and is now known as the West Dennis Light. The Inn features sixty-one
rooms and cottages (with working fireplaces) spread across nine oceanfront acres. Seasonal, open May through October.
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Massachusetts - Vacation Rentals

Bakers Island Light Station
Type: Vacation Rental
Location: Bakers Island in Salem Sound is approximately 16 miles north of Boston, MA. The island is 3 miles from the City of Salem
and 1 mile from Manchester-by-the-Sea. Adjacent to the light station property, there is summer colony with 55 homes. The summer
residents are protective of their privacy, and the island is currently not open to the public.
Facility:  Offers overnight says to Essex Heritage Voyager Members for up to 6 people in the Assistant Keepers House.  It is "off the grid"
with solar power providing limited lighting and filtered well water.
Info & Rates:

Borden Flats Lighthouse - USLHS Member and 2016-2018 Lighthouse Vacation Auction Donor
Type:  Vacation Rental
Location: Fall River, MA
Facility: Maximum 2 guests per night (must be over 18).  Queen bed, onsite bathroom with eco-friendly toilet and vanity (no shower), TV/DVD,
propane BBQ and indoor propane heat, kitchen with sink, Ice-box, microwave, fresh drinking water, gas cook-top and spices   Includes transportation
to and from the light station.
Information, Availability, Rates & E-Mail requests:

Plymouth Lighthouse (Gurnet Light)
Type: Vacation Rental
Location: On the Gurnet Peninsula, 8 miles south of Duxbury
Facility: On Gurnet Point in Plymouth Bay. Nearest cities: Plymouth and Duxbury, MA. Renovated (2007) keeper's house has 4 bedrooms, 2 full
bath house that can sleep 14. Two bedrooms have queen size beds and the other two are set up as bunkrooms for kids.
Info & Rates:

Race Point Light Station - USLHS Member and 2016-2018 Lighthouse Vacation Auction Donor
Type: Vacation Rental
Location: Near Provincetown
Contact: Race Point Lighthouse c/o Cape Cod Chapter of ALF, P.O. Box 565, Rockland, ME 04841; (855) 722-3959
Email: Reservations:  or Info:
Facility: Located at the northern tip of Cape Cod, near Provincetown.  (1) Stay in the 1874 Keeper's House - Rent one, two or all three upstairs
bedrooms (sleeps up to 11), which also has a complete kitchen and living room. A Race Point representative resides in the bedroom located on the
first floor and maintains responsibility for all activities at Race Point. The half-bath on the first floor and the full-bath on the second floor are shared.
Transportation is provided to and from the Keeper's House. (2) The historic Whistle House - remodeled in 2007, features two bedrooms, each with
one full size bed and a bunk bed. Includes a full bath, kitchen and sitting room and is perfect for families or small groups. Available for stays of
2-7 days. You will need your own four-wheel drive vehicle and a weekly over sand permit (available from the National Park Service).
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Massachusetts - Volunteer Host

Cape Ann Light Station
Type: Volunteer Host Keeper
Location: On Thacher Island near Rockport
Contact: 617-335-1799. Send resumes and rationales for interest to: 155 South St., Rockport, MA 01966
Facility: Lodging is in one of the keeper's houses
Duties: Duties include welcoming guests to the island, offering tours and performing basic maintenance. Skills in carpentry, mechanical aptitude and
landscaping are preferred. Keepers must be able to operate a boat and tractor equipment as well as possess a basic knowledge of CPR.
Info: For information about the Thacher Island Association

Bakers Island Light Station
Type: Volunteer Host Keeper
Property: Bakers Island Light Station, 10 acres on Bakers Island in Salem Sound, MA. The station includes the Bakers Island Light, the Keeper's House,
the Assistant Keeper's House, Lantern House, Fog Horn Building and Oil House. Job summary: Volunteer keepers for 12-14 week summer season from
June - September (couple preferred). Require 45 hours per week of maintenance, repair, painting, mowing and brush clearing. The house is not suitable
for children under 6 because there is lead paint.  Location: Bakers Island in Salem Sound is approximately 16 miles north of Boston, MA. The island is
3 miles from the City of Salem and 1 mile from Manchester-by-the-Sea. Adjacent to the light station property, there is summer colony with 55 homes.
The summer residents are protective of their privacy, and the island is currently not open to the public.
Lodging: The Main Keeper's House - a rustic 3 bedroom Victorian house operates completely 'off the grid' with solar power. There is limited electricity
but it is sufficient to run a refrigerator, LED lights and it will charge cell phones and computers. There is also WiFi. Water comes from a well and it needs
to be filtered before drinking.  There is one bathroom with a flush toilet (slow flush) and there is some limited “instant” hot water well water and in the cold
water shower. House is lightly furnished but with enough chairs and beds for 4 people.
Duties: The work includes basic landscaping, maintenance and repairs. The pathways and area around the houses and lighthouse must be regularly mowed
and the brush trimmed. Exterior and interior work is needed on the Keeper's House. The Assistant Keeper's House is being rented out for overnight guests on
Friday and Saturday nights; the volunteer keepers help orient the overnight guests and periodically clean the Assistant Keeper’s house in between reservations.  
Skills in carpentry, painting and basic landscaping are required. Skills in plumbing, masonry, electricity, plaster and a good aptitude for mechanical systems are
highly desirable. During the summer Essex Heritage volunteers will be available to assist the Volunteer Keepers.
Access: To transit the 1-3 miles between the mainland and the island, there is a 16' Whaler with 50hp outboard motor. To reach the island, the Whaler is moored
and all goods and passengers must transfer to small dinghy and row ashore to land on the stone beach. Volunteer keepers must have boat handling experience,
must be comfortable navigating on the open water, and must be agile enough to handle landing on the beach and hauling the dinghy above high tide.
Background: Essex Heritage manages the Bakers Island Light Station. Essex Heritage is a regional non-profit whose mission is to preserve and promote the
historic, cultural and natural resources of Essex County, a congressionally designated National Heritage Area. For information about Essex Heritage go to
Contact: call 978-740-0444. Send or email resumes and reasons for interest to: Essex Heritage, ATTN: Annie Harris, 221 Essex Street, Salem, MA, 01970 

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