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Mid-Atlantic Lighthouses stamps - Featuring the Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse

Stamps depicting the beauty, mystery and romance of lighthouses that have fascinated and enchanted people for centuries continue in 2021 with the issuance of Mid-Atlantic Lighthouses, the latest in the Postal Service’s continuing series of lighthouse stamps. The Mid-Atlantic Lighthouses stamps are now being sold at Post Office locations nationwide and online at The Mid-Atlantic Lighthouses are the seventh installment in the Postal Service’s long-running lighthouse series. Howard Koslow (1924-2016) was the artist for these stamps, as well as for previous issuances in the Lighthouses series. Each stamp features an original acrylic painting by Koslow, based on photographs of the lighthouses. Greg Breeding was the stamp designer and art director.

There is another video that is posted by Chesapeake Bay Magazine on Facebook and can be seen here:

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