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Lighthouse Glossaries & Terminology

Glossary of Lighthouse Terms
This glossary features a list of the terms common to lighthouse "lingo", such as: argand lamps, chariot wheels, astragals, range lights, and screwpile towers. Similar to many specialized fields, the terminology related to lighthouses, lightships, and other aids to navigation is unique.

Glossary of Light List Terms
A comprehensive list of definitions for lighthouse terms & abbreviations, coordinates, characteristics, light patterns, optic, daymarks, and lightships.

Lighthouse Dictionary - This resource will help you familiarize you with many of the terms used in the articles about lighthouses. It was originally created by Candace Clifford and photos were added by Elinor DeWire. The contents were reviewed and edited by Wayne Wheeler, Thomas Tag, Candace Clifford and Elinor DeWire.

Lighthouse Facts & Trivia

Fun Trivia
This is a great site for a variety of interactive lighthouse related quizzes. It contains 12 quizzes on lighthouse topics ranging from general lighthouse knowledge to lighthouses in the movies and lighthouse of England and Wales.

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