How to Find Lighthouse Books

If you are looking for lighthouse books in general, you can find a vast selection at your local library or for purchase from Amazon.Com or other retailers. However, if you are looking for antiquarian lighthouse books the problem becomes more difficult.

Antiquarian lighthouse books are generally rare and will be out of print or will be available only in a reprint format. If you wish to see original books from before 1950 you may find it difficult to locate these books. Listed below are a number of locations where you may find and purchase these books, where you can download copies of these books in PDF format, or where such books can be viewed and read online. Using these resources you can build your personal library of early lighthouse books.

Internet Locations where you can purchase Antiquarian Lighthouse Books – Go to any of these locations and then search for lighthouses

Internet Locations where you can read online or download Lighthouse Books - Go to any of these locations and then search for lighthouses

The US Lighthouse Society Archive houses over 2000 lighthouse books that can be accessed by members. Our library is constantly growing and we maintain many rare and unusual books in our collection. We also have books on lighthouses covering a worldwide perspective not just U.S. lighthouse books. You can make an appointment with the Society and visit the Point No Point archive to research any book in our collection. We will provide workspace for your research at our office in Point no Point, Washington.