Architectural Drawings for Fort Point (California)

Fog Bell: Plans and Elevations (1866) (12th Lighthouse District)
Keeper's Dwelling - Dining Room, Mantel, Main Stairs, Beamed Ceiling: Elevations and Plans (1908) (Unknown)
Keeper's Dwelling - Hatchway, Dresser, China Closet, Bay Window: Details (1908) (Unknown)
Keeper's Dwelling - Porch and Kitchen Cooler: Sections (1908) (Unknown)
Keeper's Dwelling: Cellar Plan and Rear Elevation (1908) (Unknown)
Keeper's Dwelling: First Floor Plan and Right Side Elevation (1908) (Unknown)
Keeper's Dwelling: First and Second Floor Framing Plan (1908) (Unknown)
Keeper's Dwelling: Left Side and Front Elevations (1908) (18th Lighthouse District)
Keeper's Dwelling: Second Floor Plan and Longitudinal Section (1908) (Unknown)
Keeper's Dwelling: Section and Elevation (1908) (Unknown)
Proposed Light House: Plans and Elevations (1853) (12th Lighthouse District)