Architectural Drawings for Point No Point (Washington)

Aluminum Chain Link Fence Installation: Plot Plan (1959) (Unknown)
Column and Beam Support for Ceiling of Fog Signal Building: Elevation and Details (1944) (USCG)
Development Plan (1954) (Unknown)
Double Dwelling Heating System: Plans and Elevations (1956) (Unknown)
Double Dwelling Kitchen Remodel: Plans, Sections, and Details (1956) (Unknown)
Duplex Porch Replacement: Elevations, Sections, and Plans (1984) (Unknown)
Duplex Remodel: Cabinet Elevations and Misc. Details (1980) (Unknown)
Duplex Remodel: Floor Plans and Room Finish Schedule (1982) (Unknown)
Duplex Unit A Plumbing Rehabilitation: Plans and Sections (1982) (Unknown)
Electrical Distribution, Gasoline & Oil Facilities: Utility Plan (1955) (Unknown)
Electrical Rehabilitation: Plans and Schedules (1982) (Unknown)
Electrical and Heating System Modifications: Vicinity Map, Elevations, and Plans (1980) (Unknown)
Engine Room: Floor Plan (1952) (CG Museum NW)
Field Data on Lens: Views (1961) (Unknown)
Fog Bell: Section and Elevation (1881) (CG Museum NW)
Fog Horn Modification: Elevations, Sections, and Details (1974) (Unknown)
Fog Signal Building: Elevations and Sections (1899) (CG Museum NW)
Fuel Oil Supply System: Diagram, Elevation, and Plan (1941) (USCG)
Lamp base: Details and Assembly (1933) (Unknown)
Modifications for Automated Operation Equipment Installation: Elevations and Plan (1977) (Unknown)
Modifications for Automated Operation: Audio Visual Controller Schematic (1977) (Unknown)
Modifications for Automated Operation: Schematic and Block Diagram (1977) (Unknown)
PSVTS Radar Site: Vicinity Map, Plans, and Elevations (1979) (Unknown)
Paint & Seal: Elevation, Photos, and Details (1991) (Unknown)
Paint & Seal: Plans and Elevations (1991) (Unknown)
Paint Locker Exterior Renovation: Elevations, Sections, Plans, and Details (1986) (Unknown)
Pedestal and Spindle: Assembly and Detail (1934) (Unknown)
Property Map (1955) (Unknown)
Property Map (1974) (CG Museum NW)
Proposed Water Supply: Site Plan (1929) (Unknown)
Rear Entrance Steps Replacement: Elevations and Plan (1958) (Unknown)
Repairs to Cisterns (New Tops, Etc.): Sections, Detail, and Plan (1929) (Unknown)
Repairs to Light & Fog Signal Building: Vicinity Map, Elevations, and Details (1983) (Unknown)
Repairs to Light & Fog Signal Building: Vicinity Map, Elevations, and Plan (1959) (Unknown)
Reroof Qtrs A & B: Elevations, Plans, and Details (1984) (Unknown)
Reroofing of Equipment Room: Vicinity Map, Elevation, and Details (1962) (Unknown)
Rip-Rap Repair: Vicinity Map, Plan, and Section (1960) (Unknown)
Sanitary Sewer Drain Field: Sections and Plan (1972) (Unknown)
Sewage Disposal System: Plan, Profile Sections, and Detail (1952) (Unknown)
Sewage Disposal: Plot Plan and Profile (1942) (USCG)
Sewage Disposal: Plot Plan, Profile, and Details (1944) (USCG)
Sewer System Remodeling: Site Plan, Sections, and Plan (1968) (Unknown)
Switchboard Wiring: Front View (1955) (Unknown)
Tower: Plan, Elevations, and Section (1879) (CG Museum NW)
Utility Plan (Fire Station Code) (1954) (Unknown)
Water Supply and Sewage Disposal: Site Plan (1952) (Unknown)