Query on ADA Accessibility at Lighthouses

Robert Hall with the Point Lookout Lighthouse would like your feedback:

I’m trying to gather some statistics about lighthouses and keeper’s quarters that have been restored, and how many of those restorations involved compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) along with how the ADA was accommodated. For the last 10 years, I have led a non-profit that has been maintaining and providing staffing to allow the public to visit the current structure for the State of Maryland, the owners of the lighthouse complex.  However, the state is now expecting funding to renovate the lighthouse and for reasons unknown, they are determined to provide ADA access, even though that would mean destroying fabric that in some cases would be up to 185 years old.  Our lighthouse is 2 stories high; the current plan is to provide ADA access to the one half of first floor only, which has very limited views of the water. So far, I have only found one lighthouse, Point Fermin in San Pedro, CA, that has installed an elevator to provide ADA access. Other ideas included tearing down walls between the north and south sides of the first floor so that visitors can look in from the south side to the north side, which in my opinion would completely destroy the historic value, losing the feel of what it would have been like for two families to live in a duplex style quarters. Does anyone know of other examples of lighthouses that have been renovated to fully accommodate ADA access?

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Access Issues


I wanted to make you were aware of a couple of issues in New London. We’re fighting two lawsuits involving NIMBY neighbors at Harbor Lighthouse. Our lawyers’ Motion to Dismiss document might be of interest to your membership. If it is accepted in court, it should resolve local zoning issues for all such small friends groups working to preserve lighthouses. 

Here are the issues, as described in the newspaper last week . 

All best, –Susan,

Director, New London Maritime Society