Thomas Point Shoal Historic Photos by David Harp

The images in this section were taken by David Harp, a famed and prize-winning photographer of the Chesapeake Bay area. The photographs were taken in the spring of 1986, just prior to the lighthouse being automated and unmanned. Included in the collection are photographs of the last Fresnel lens before it was removed and the last U.S.C.G. lighthouse keeper stationed at the lighthouse, Petty Officer Remaly.

The 4th order fixed Fresnel lens that was in the lighthouse in 1986. It was removed that summer when the lighthouse was automated and replaced with a plastic modern beacon. The lens was relocated to the office of the Commander of what is now known as U.S.C.G. Sector Baltimore, located at Curtis Yard in Baltimore.
The lens caught with the light bulb lighted and showing the red sectors that warn boaters of the shoal hazard zones.
A view of the lantern room and gallery from the top of the lantern looking down.
A closeup of the lighthouse keeper, Petty Officer Remaly, insecting the interior of the Fresnel lens.
Petty Officer Remaly, the last U.S.C.G. “keeper” stationed at the lighthouse.
An image that artistically captures part of the life of the lighthouse keeper: constant cleaning.
A view of the winch and boat davits.
The lighthouse kitchen with a pot of coffee on the burner.
Sunset approaches and Keeper Remaly heads to the lantern gallery to lower the flags.
A closer view of the lighthouse as the colors come down.
The silhouette of the lighthouse as sunset approaches.
Keeper Remaly awaits the arrival of the U.S.C.G. 41-foot utility boat.