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Lighthouse Passports

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The United States Lighthouse Society sponsors a Passport Program. A passport with a blue vinyl cover, similar in appearance to an official United States passport, is available through the Society and lighthouse retailers across the U.S. When you visit a participating lighthouse, you can get your passport stamped.

There are four panels on each page of the passport and each panel should have a different lighthouse stamp. When your passport is filled it will contain 60 stamps.

The stamps, custom designed by the Society, are a work of art. However, if you visit a lighthouse that is not participating in the program, is closed, or for whatever reason, you canít get your passport stamped . . . take a picture of the lighthouse or cut out a logo of the lighthouse from a brochure and paste it in the square... if youíre artistic, draw it in. When your passport is filled, send it to our office for verification (include $4.60 to cover Priority return mail postage).

There are seven levels of accomplishment in the U.S. Lighthouse Society Passport Program. Each level is reached by completing a passport book & sending it to the USLHS Passport Fulfillment Service for verification. Upon achieving each of the seven levels, you will receive an official, collectible patch recognizing your achievement and dedication to lighthouse preservation.

Upon completing your 1st Passport you will be awarded the
"I've Seen the Light" patch
Upon completing your 2nd Passport you will be awarded the
"Silver Star" patch
(120 Lighthouse Stamps)
Upon completing your 3rd Passport you will be awarded the
"Gold Star" patch
(180 Lighthouse Stamps)
Upon completing your 4th Passport you will be awarded the
"Platinum Circle" patch
Representing the highest level of achievement
(240 Lighthouse Stamps)

We also recommend that you donate a dollar to the participating lighthouse each time your passport is stamped. That way, with a completed passport, you know that you have donated at least $60 to lighthouse preservation.

If you donít have a passport and wish to order one, please contact us at:

U.S. Lighthouse Society
9005 Point No Point Rd. NE
Hansville, WA 98340
(415) 362-7255


If you prefer, you may order one now in our online store.

We are always looking for ways to improve the program, so give us your suggestions. Enjoy your passport and the fun of experiencing a part of our maritime heritage. The main idea is to have fun seeing lighthouses.


If you are affiliated with a lighthouse that isnít in the program and want to participate, please contact us at the above address. If you are a lighthouse retailer, we will provide you passports at wholesale.