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Articles From The Keeper's Log Available

Read a variety of articles that have be digitized from The Keeper's Log magazine and now available online!

Thomas Point Shoal Historical Photos in Winter

The first five photographs were taken during the winter of 1976-77 by U.S. Coast Guard lighthouse keeper Thomas E. Albert. This was the last winter of significant ice accumulation in the Chesapeake Bay and at this time is the only modern photographs that we have of ice at the lighthouse. Our thanks to Keeper Albert for sharing them:

Thomas Point Shoal Historic Photos by David Harp

The images in this section were taken by David Harp, a famed and prize-winning photographer of the Chesapeake Bay area. The photographs were taken in the spring of 1986, just prior to the lighthouse being automated and unmanned. Included in the collection are photographs of the last Fresnel lens before it was removed and the last U.S.C.G. lighthouse keeper stationed at the lighthouse, Petty Officer Remaly.

Thomas Point Shoal Historic Photos - USCG

The images in this section were obtained from the U.S. Coast Guard Historian’s Office website.