Date of reservation:

Date of deed:

Date of permission to occupy:

Date of lease:

Area of the entire site:

Area inclosed:

Character of surface soil:

Distance of tower from nearest high-water mark:

Inclosures to premises / type of fence:

Wharf or landing on premises:

Road to landing or wharf character of and distance:

Means to reach light station:

Distance to nearest road:

Distance to post office:

Distance to village:

Facilities for public conveyance:

Facilities for private conveyance:

Means used for support of lantern:

Number of separate lights:

First built or established:

Last rebuilt, repaired or renovated:

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Oak Orchard Light Station

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Beacon on US Pier. Dwelling on purchased property on W side Oak Orchard Creek. Consideration $500.00


Dwelling site 1/2 acre.

At dwelling, 1/2 acre.

clay loam

Tower on pier

Dwelling site by picket fence

None at dwelling. Tower is on pier.

Beacon on W Pier.

From Dwelling: walk along beach 1800' to inner end of pier, thence out W Pier on elevated walk 963', a total of 2763'.

By public road, 3 miles to Carlton, on RW & O RR, 11 miles to Albion on NYCRR Falls Branch.

Point Breeze, Orleans Co., 1/2 miles

3 miles to Carlton.

By RW & O RR to Carlton, thence 3 miles by road. By NYCRR, Niagara Falls, Br. to Albion, thence 11 miles by road.

Frame tower



concrete piers under beacon in 1900.

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