Construct Materials:

Number of rooms:

Number of dwellings:

Heating Plant:

Number of Keepers:

Furnished Quarters:

NOT Furnished Quarters:


Outhouse Coloring:

Paths and walks:

Area inclosed:

Area of garden:

Area timber or shrubbery:

Cultivation area available:

Area cultivated:

Character of surroundings:

Stove, maker:

Stove, size:

Sink, maker:

Sink, size:

Pump maker:

Pump size:


Lighthouse Inspection Reports Database

Oak Orchard Light Station


2 story frame dwelling, on W bank of Oak Orchard Creek, 1/2 mile from beacon.


Frame, on stone foundation.

9 rooms, besides office, kitchen, woodshed & cellar.


Privy & barn


Cement - 4' wide to front door 100 lin. ft.; 3' wide to side door 96 lin ft.; 2.5' wide kitchen to well, 70 lin. ft.; 2' wide, kitchen to privy 100 lin. ft. - Total = 366 lin. ft.

1/2 acre, by picket fence, whitewashed.

1/6 acre


1/6 acre

Clay loam, a marsh near.

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Premises | Lantern and Fixtures | Ventilators and Watchroom | Illuminating Apparatus | Closets and Storerooms


Fog Signal General | Fog Signal Equipment | Dwelling | Asst. Keepers Dwellings | Water | Healthfulness


Lighthouse Access | Station Boat Info | Tools and Accessories | Light Vessel Specific | Inspection Reports


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