Kind of Apparatus:

Intensity in Candles:

Name of Maker:

Year Made:

Marks and Number:

Order of Apparatus:

Inside Diameter:

Light Characteristic:

Time of revolution:

Flash interval:

Duration of flash:

Arc of each fixed part:

Number of panels:

Number of flash panels:

Arc of each:

Number of elements in
central drum:

Number of prisms above
central drum:

Number of prisms below
central drum:

Does Apparatus revolve?:

Is there a Revolving Belt:

Revolving panels:

How is flash produced:

Num of Vertical elements panel:

Fixed lens covered:


Service Table:

Draft Tube description:

Lighthouse Inspection Reports Database

Governors Island Light Station

Illuminating Apparatus page 1 of 2

Lens lantern with 200W Elec. Incandes.

350 cp

230 V., P.S.30 bulb, C-9 filament, Med. screw base.

Fixed Red

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