35 Foot Channel Lightship Station (VA)

Historical Light List Characteristics

Historical Light List Optics and Structures

1908 Reflector Reflector N/A 45 Two-masts, schooner-rigged, no bowsprit; red, circular, hoop-iron, cagework daymark at mainmast head; red hull, with "35-FOOT CHANNEL" in white on each side, and "45" in white on stern. Moored in 42 feet of water, in line with the E'ly edge of the 35-foot dredged channel in Chesapeake Bay, Va., to W'd of the N'ly end of the Middle Ground and just to the E'd of the W'ly edge of the red sector of Cape Henry Light, and about 73/8 miles 341° 20' (N by W 11/16 W) from Tail of the Horseshoe Light-Vessel, No. 46, 8 miles 61° 20' (NE by E 7/16 E) from Thimble Shoal Light-House, and 103/8 miles 139° 15' (SE 3/8 S) from York Spit Light-House. LHB Light List (Atlantic): 668
1915 N/A N/A Red hull, "35-FOOT" on sides; two masts, red circular grating at mainmast head. In 61/2 fathoms, on west side of south entrance. USLHS Light List (Atlantic): 880
1917 USLHS Light List (Atlantic): 911

Historical Light List Audible Fog Signals

1908 8-inch, compressed-air, chime whistle; blasts 3 sec., silent intervals alternately 59 sec. and 60 sec. If whistle be disabled a bell will be rung by hand. LHB Light List (Atlantic): 668
1915 8-inch air chime whistle; 2 blasts every 125 sec.: 1st blast 3 sec. Silent 59 sec. 2d blast 3 sec. Silent 60 sec. Bell (hand) if whistle is disabled; rung rapidly 3 sec., silent 57 sec. USLHS Light List (Atlantic): 880
1917 8-inch air chime whistle: Blast 3 sec. Silent 57 sec. USLHS Light List (Atlantic): 911

Historical Light List Other Signals

1908 - 1919