Kid's Corner by Elinor DeWire

Elinor DeWire

Elinor DeWire's Youth Corner

Elinor DeWire is a noted author and the creator of children’s books and educational information materials. Elinor graciously offered to provide us with materials and her extensive knowledge to make a fun and educational area of our website. We thank her for all the input and assistance. So start having FUN by reading stories, solving puzzles and building projects!

Elinor DeWire's "Lighthouse Fun for Kids" - Pinterist page

Currently Elinor has pinned over 300 fun lighthouse related activities and information designed for sharing with kids. If you are looking to help kids learn about lighthouses, and have fun doing it, you will want to check this out!

Shoo Rayner drawing

Lighthouse Projects, Activities, Books & Videos for Kids

There are lots of fun project and activities that can be used to help educate children about lighthouses. Lighthouse models can be built out of all types of materials and drawing lighthouses make great art activities.  Books and videos are also great tools for entertaining kids while teaching them about lighthouses.