USLHS Speakers Bureau

The United States Lighthouse Society can make speakers available on a wide variety of lighthouse subjects. Whether you need a general introduction to lighthouses or a detailed technical essay on Fresnel Lenses, our goal is to assist you with the type of speaker you need for your event. We can also provide photographs, drawings, etc. covering many lighthouse subjects.

Our speakers have made presentations across the country at a great variety of lighthouse events such as: the Maritime Heritage Conferences, regional Lighthouse Association meetings, libraries, colleges, the Michigan Lighthouse Alliance meetings, lighthouse transfer ceremonies, and more.

If your organization is holding an event where a lighthouse presentation would be appropriate please contact our Society and we will endeavor to assist you in finding a speaker.

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Below are Society Board members who can speak on a variety of topics.

Wayne Wheeler

  • From Bonfires to Satallites - The History of Lighthouses
  • Lighthouses of Antiquity - tracing the general development of lighthouses from the Pharos of Alexandria of Egypt to colonial times with discussions of famous U.S. lighthouses and some international lighthouses like the five Eddystones and Lanterne of Genoa, Italy.
  • The Evolution of the American Lighthouse Service - From 1716 to today and how it has evolved through five distinct periods.
  • The Development of Potics - Candles to modern lenses
  • The Evolution of Illuminates - Open fires to electricity
  • The Keeper's Life in the Golden Age of Lighthouses (1852 to 1939)
  • Lighthouse Architecture
  • History of Sound (fog) Signals
  • Minor Aids to Navigation (shore lights and buoys)
  • Lighthouse Bases and Development of Districts
  • Female Lighthouse Keepers (The Keeper Wore Skirts)
  • Creative Reuse of Light Stations (Preservation of the past 30 years)
  • Oooooops! (mistakes made with location)
  • Lighthouse Lodging

Talks on Lighthouses of various areas:

  • Great Lakes
  • California Coast
  • San Francisco
  • North Carolina
  • Reef Lighthouses of Florida
  • Alaska