• NPS’s Historic Lighthouse Preservation Handbookproduced in 1997, focuses primarily on the maintenance problems associated with the many different materials and construction techniques used in these unique structures. In addition to sections devoted to preservation treatments, it includes a brief history of the U.S. Lighthouse Service and lighthouse construction types; existing historic preservation laws, standards, and guidelines; case studies for both lighthouse rehabilitation and restoration projects; related activities (interpretation, funding, safety management, etc.); and sources for more information.
  • IALA-AISM’s Lighthouse Conservation Manual produced in 2006 by the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities to provide guidelines for the conservation and alternative use of historic lighthouses.
  • NPS’s The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards: “The Standards are a series of concepts about maintaining, repairing, and replacing historic materials, as well as designing new additions or making alterations. The Guidelines offer general design and technical recommendations to assist in applying the Standards to a specific property. Together, they provide a framework and guidance for decision-making about work or changes to a historic property.”
  • NPS’s Preservation Briefs: “Preservation Briefs provide guidance on preserving, rehabilitating, and restoring historic buildings.”
  • State Historic Preservation Officers (SHPOs) Every state and U.S. territory has a SHPO that is tasked with providing public information, education, training and technical assistance for preserving historic properties.