Droning on …

Discussion in the cold winter months at the Dire Straits Lighthouse has turned to these new-fangled drones, which we’ve heard about even though the Lighthouse Service has yet to issue instructions on how to clean them. Hope they’re not brass.

Anyway, some of our fellow keepers are having problems with them that seem even worse than those pesky bird strikes. Don Terras down at Grosse PointLH had one explode the other day, showering plastic shrapnel over a 50-foot radius. Luckily, there was nobody below. Rick Cain even farther down at St. Augustine LH had an assistant injure an arm warding a crashing drone away from a visitor’s head. And over at Split Rock, Lee Radzak had a couple of near-misses and so many drone visits he had to develop a written no-drone policy.

I guess that means I can never talk to visitors at his lighthouse, because my wife says I do drone on. But if anyone else has a horror story or comment on this emerging issue (which can only get worse thanks to Christmas sales of these things), we’re all ears.

Up here at Dire Straits, it’s not much of a problem yet. We can’t afford drones. Heck, we can barely afford the mosquitoes.

-Mike Vogel, Keeper

2 thoughts on “Droning on …

  1. We are having to chase drones off frequently – sometimes several times a day. Fortunately no damage or injuries (yet?). Most of the drones are being launched from the adjacent town park. The town passed an ordinance prohibiting drone use in their parks, but there are no signs (yet?) to that effect and the ordinance is not well know.

    Hopefully it wont take a major incident to make the public aware…

  2. Mike, All drones are not bad. We had a drone on Thacher Island last summer which was used to do a spectacular film of the island and its twin lighthouses. Check out youtube for these two videos which were shot using drones that flew up and over the towers. They are now being shown at the Cape Ann Museum in the first order Fresnel lens gallery on a regular basis.Take a look at them.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkyrv6Fnv3M or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83Gwfo-vhvs.

    Paul St.Germain,President Thacher Island Association.

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